Brief introduction of Reach Plastic

Reach Plastic is one of leading company in Extruded PP foam field since 2008 in the world.
Reach Plastic is the first company applied PP foam material into disposable instant noodle bowl commercially on 2013 at Taiwan Market.
Reach’s PP foam product is made by HMS-PP (high melting strength PP) which is an ideal material for food service with its light weight, high heat standing & insulation advantage.


  • ◆ Food Packaging
    • In food packaging applications, we recommend the use of HMS-PP foam due to its chemical resistance, thermal insulation performance, also reusability, green environmental protection and safety.
  • ◆ Industrial Packaging
    • In industrial packaging applications, we recommend the use of HMS-PP foam because of light weight, easy to use and other features which significantly reduce costs.
  • ◆ Automotive Industry
    • In the automotive industry, we recommend the use of HMS-PP foam it's due to the material toughness, high ductility, impact resistance, and heat resistance which can become the industry leader.

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Representative of Japan Market
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Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd.
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Representative of Korean Market for Finishing PP foam food container

Giolak CO.,LTD
Address : 769-7, Yusan-ri, Hobep-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Zip code: 17393
TEL : +82-31-768-5566
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