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  • ◆ ——We supply HMS-PP foam sheet for thermoforming & Two-pieces cup converting purpose
    Most of the food container material in the market are from PS & PP & PET & PLA & Paper. PP is the idea material if the heat & chemical resistance be concerned. But normal rigid PP container is always facing insulation issue when be served with hot content, therefore HMS-PP foam container becomes an idea material to solve this problem. Also due to light weight of HMS-PP foam product, it is decreasing the total consumption of material use, furthermore HMS-PP foam product is more friendly with the environment from its fully recyclable property.

Sheet composite Pure HMS-PP form HMS-PP form +PP laminating layer +BOPP film HMS-PP form +PP laminating layer +BOPP film
Thickness(mm) customized(0.7~3mm) 0.75+/-0.05mm 1.0+/-0.05mm
gram/square meter customized(*TBD) 230 263
Sheet width(mm) 710 710 710
max. Roll diameter(mm) approximately 1150 approximately 1150 approximately 1150
Paper tube core diameter(mm) 228 228 228
Length/roll(Meter) *TBD approximately 1180 approximately 890
Approximately weight/roll(kg) *TBD 193 166
Packing Paper warping +plastic bag Paper warping +plastic bag Paper warping +plastic bag
40’container loading rolls 60 60 60
Approximately weight for 40’ container loading (kg) TBD 11580 9960
  1. RPPS Sheet density range will be 120~250kg/cubic meter, density will be confirm after sheet thickness is defined
  2. *TBD=To be defined